All Medical Center Hypnosis Clinic programs are a minimum of 3 sessions. To facilitate your success and give you the best possible program so that you may attain your goals, 3 sessions are the minimum plans available. There are some specialty programs that require more than 3 sessions and these will be discussed with you at your first session.

Discount packages are often purchased for specific well-being issues such as Stress Management or Pain Control, Surgery Preparation and Recovery, and more, and may be repurchased as desired. A 3-session package is a prerequisite to begin any weight reduction program.

You have 90 days from the first session to schedule the remaining sessions in your 3-session package. Those purchasing the discount 6-session package have 180 days to schedule all their sessions. Most sessions are spaced several weeks apart; however, some programs require subsequent sessions to be timed closer together. Any unused sessions for a particular program are forfeited without refund. Surprisingly many self-improvement issues are resolved with just one set of appointments. When you schedule your appointment, we can suggest which plan would work best for you.

Why You Need a 3-Session Program

Most prospective clients call and ask questions about using hypnosis to deal with their symptoms. Indeed we have been trained to do so. Imagine from your own experience what it was like at your last doctor's appointment: you were asked what hurt! And the appointment continued with you receiving treatment in some form for that symptom. If that treatment didn't do the job, you returned for the next possible solution for relieving the symptom, and so on for as long as it might take to resolve the symptom.

The goal at Medical Center Hypnosis Clinic is to help you reach the source or cause of your symptoms and resolve in whatever manner is most appropriate that initial causal situation. For many people the initial event is of such long standing they don't even remember the event. Many people discover in hypnosis that the causal event is of such long duration that their "symptom" actually has its source from an experience, perhaps from infancy or toddler days; and that as we mature and understanding changes, the fundamental bases of "the world" goes ever so slowly out of skew until we have "symptoms" that make our lives so much less than the experiences that we want for ourselves.

For many of us, our goals are multifaceted and too large to have meaningful success in a single session. And you are taking your time and spending your money to gain the success that you desire. For that reason, to facilitate your success in reaching your desired outcome, you need a 3-session program.


The charge for one individual 3-session package (up to two hours per session) is $477.00, or you may purchase a discount package of 6 sessions for $810.00, payable at the first session. That is a 15% discount. Other special package programs consisting of a different number of sessions may also be offered on an individual basis.

Please be aware that special rates apply to working with children and are based on the issue(s) and length of time required. As their sessions tend to be shorter, so the fees charged tend to be less.

Acceptable payment methods are Cash (exact amount only, please), Check, Money Order, Visa, and MasterCard. Please note that there is a $15 savings on 3-session rates for those paying with cash, check, or money order.

Cancellation / Missed Appointment Policy

Missed Appointments without 48-hours prior notice are considered to have taken place and are counted as an appointment; or optionally you may pay a $100 Missed Appointment Fee that must be paid before another appointment will be scheduled. We ask that once you make an appointment, you make every effort to keep it rather than asking to reschedule. You may have to wait for an available opening for another appointment, which may have a negative impact on your progress. The $100 Missed Appointment Fee applies to all non-emergency missed appointments.

Please be aware that all appointments must be secured with a credit card.

Please note: We do not diagnose or prescribe. We are not medical doctors.