Want to Know More About Hypnosis?

Just as a computer can get a virus and give us an error message, our body-mind systems can suffer from error programming, incorrect perceptions and false beliefs that hold us back from our true potential, and which may even cause deteriorating health. New programming is needed. We have seen so many clients make profound changes in their lives using this simple process. And you can too.

Inside each of us is an innate wisdom that we can tap into (through relaxation techniques) to change, develop or eliminate habits and patterns of thinking as well as behavior. There are mountains of studies and many books on the subject, and more and more people are open to this new information.

Prominent doctors say that inside each of us is a pharmacopoeia...the body makes it's own painkillers, growth hormones, happiness chemicals, sadness chemicals, etc.. Medical researchers also say that stress damages the immune system, making people vulnerable to disease. They say that managing our stress is the most important step we can take to build health and well-being.

Heart centers and Cancer centers right here in the San Antonio Medical Center recommend techniques such as guided imagery, visualization, body relaxation, breathing techniques, and other techniques to improve health, but many people do not understand how to put them into practice. It often seems too simplistic to work, and at the same time, so hard to do. These are some of the very techniques we use and teach our clients. Also, many people need more help than can be offered in these public classes, and we can offer a variety of techniques to assist you.

In Hypnosis, the goal is to cause the subconscious mind, which can be likened to a massive computer in your brain, to agree with your conscious desires. Like the old song says, "Accentuate the Positive...Eliminate the Negative..."

Re-Train Your Brain For Success!

What Happens in a Session?

When you arrive for your appointment, you will fill out an information sheet, and then we will visit and get to know each other a bit. The hypnosis process will be explained to you, as well as various techniques used, and you will have time to ask questions before your session starts. Please allow up to 2 hours for your appointment.

Then, you will lie back in a comfortable recliner, perhaps with a light throw over you, and you will be guided into a deep relaxation, much as if you were lying on your sofa at home with the TV on in the background. Then suggestions that are appropriate to the subject at hand will be made, and once that is completed, usually in 45 minutes, you will be brought back to full awareness. Typically, you feel very relaxed and de-stressed. You may have really gone to sleep, or you may have heard everything said, and the suggestions will have begun to take effect.

When you have additional sessions, your progress will be discussed and next steps will be determined, as there are usually many approaches to any given problem or issue. Every person is different, and you receive individualized attention. After your first session, appointments may last 1 hour to 90 minutes long.

The side effects you can expect are better sleep and a more relaxed state of mind, in addition to achieving the desired modifications to your habits and behaviors. There is nothing embarrassing or frightening about hypnosis, and there are no bad side effects

Hypnosis is not mind control; you cannot get stuck in hypnosis, and it most decidedly is not anti-any religion.

A Note About...

...Smoking Cessation...

Many people are surprised to learn that they can stop smoking with just one hypnosis session! However, some people do need more sessions, especially if they smoke more than two packs a day, are dealing with chronic unrelieved pain or serious illness, or even extreme stress. Because of so many concomitant issues surrounding smoking that need simultaneous release, we therefore require a package of 3 sessions. If you do not accomplish the desired results after a package of sessions, and you are still smoking after 2 weeks or feel too uncomfortable, then by all means we should do another round of sessions. This does not indicate a failure of any kind...it simply indicates a need for additional sessions.

...Weight Reduction...

We start every weight reduction client off with a package of 3 sessions ($477). In these sessions, we cover food issues, nutrition, cellular release of emotional issues, stress relief, sleep, exercise and more. Some clients are able to proceed on their own, and some require more sessions and support.

...Hypnosis for Children...

Children generally have great success in areas like bedwetting, learning, sports, fear reduction and other issues. We work with children as young as 8 years old, if they are able to sit still and cooperate for a short time. Children's hypnosis sessions are generally from 10-30 minutes, depending on the age of the child. The total time of the office visit is usually the same as for an adult.

...Side Effects...

Most hypnosis clients discover freedom for the first time in ages with a few sessions. Better sleep and stress reduction are primary benefits that the hypnosis client may experience. And that is in addition to accomplishing their goals. There is nothing embarrassing or frightening about hypnosis, and there are no bad side effects when practiced by a properly trained, certified hypnotist. The side effects you can expect are better sleep and a more relaxed state of mind as you go about your daily life.

Professional athletes and Olympic athletes have used guided visualization (hypnosis) for many years to enhance skills, reduce nervous tension, and create a success mindset. Adrenalin can be properly channeled into fine focus and confident determination, rather than jitters or nausea. We are aware of professional basketball teams, baseball teams and PGA Golfers, including Tiger Woods, who consistently use hypnosis as part of their training.

Group Sessions

Group Sessions are offered off premises. Fees vary according to the number of people attending and the types of services offered.

Many corporations like to sponsor group sessions at the workplace to improve performance and reduce workplace/job stress, thus improving employee productivity and health. Sales and marketing groups especially tend to see remarkable success and bottom-line improvements after group hypnosis sessions.

Many people often like to have a group session in their home with their friends and co-workers, sometimes for weight loss or exercise motivation, or perhaps just as a group relaxation/meditation.

Group sessions are also helpful for students who want to improve their grades or prepare for exams, as well as improve their recall and retention, eliminate test anxiety, and accelerate their study skills.

Both professional and amateur athletes benefit from hypnosis for improved performance and sports improvement. Many professional sports teams keep certified hypnotists permanently on staff for the benefit of their players, both for stress reduction and for better performance. Could you benefit from such programs?

Public Forums

We find that most people are interested in hypnosis, and we enjoy presenting informational talks, so please mention me to the speaker chairperson of your club or organization. Thank you.